Starting Back / Depression

 I stopped blogging after my baby was born.  I promised myself I wouldn’t but I did. 

I was writing up my daughter’s birth story, but never finished it. I wasn’t able to get it to a form that I wanted to post.  I have now reviewed it and will post it soon.

I also couldn’t decide how to keep the blog going.  I was inspired to start writing about gestational diabetes during my pregnancy.  Now that the pregnancy is over I no longer have gestational diabetes and I hit a block on what to keep writing about.

It makes sense to continue writing about raising my child, but I was concerned about oversharing about her life that she cannot control.  I am not judging anyone who does, but my husband and I decided that wasn’t for us.

So the blog has just been sitting here. But I’ve been feeling restless again and needing something to focus on. I’m going to start the blog back up, but focused more on me and how I’m doing raising a child and what I do for me as well as what we do for my baby.  I thought about posting on this topic before but always shied away from it. I suffer from anxiety and depression.  I have a long history of anxiety and was diagnosed with depression while pregnant.  I am still struggling with my depression. Some days I’m doing great, and other days I am really struggling.  I am going to be honest here and talk about parenting with depression and anxiety.  I don’t think it is talked about enough and I believe more people should be honest and know about it.  So this is my I am back post. Not all of my posts will be about anxiety and depression. A lot of my posts probably won't be. However, when I am floundering I will have that topic on the back burner as a regular theme. Hopefully, I will keep going. I found blogging rather fulfilling previously while pregnant and feeling lost, I am hoping this will help again.  


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