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Pregnancy during Covid 19

  I've been reluctant to write about this. I want to stick to posts that I feel like are helpful to others and I'm not sure what advice and new information this can give. But there is also value to hearing other people's stories. I've been very very blessed in this whole situation. I am currently living in Australia. Our case numbers have been much milder than in other locations. I am also seeing a private OB rather than going through the public health system.  As an overseas patient, I didn’t have a choice at the beginning, but from talking to others it really has been a blessing. Which is why I have been reluctant to talk about my experience.  The timing for us has been just right in every step of the process.  We found out that we were expecting in November 2019. So long before the pandemic started.  I remember hearing about it and wondering if it was going to spread past china.  I also remember when they decided to test everyone going to and from China. At that poin

Starting Back / Depression

  I stopped blogging after my baby was born.  I promised myself I wouldn’t but I did.  I was writing up my daughter’s birth story, but never finished it. I wasn’t able to get it to a form that I wanted to post.  I have now reviewed it and will post it soon. I also couldn’t decide how to keep the blog going.  I was inspired to start writing about gestational diabetes during my pregnancy.  Now that the pregnancy is over I no longer have gestational diabetes and I hit a block on what to keep writing about. It makes sense to continue writing about raising my child, but I was concerned about oversharing about her life that she cannot control.  I am not judging anyone who does, but my husband and I decided that wasn’t for us. So the blog has just been sitting here. But I’ve been feeling restless again and needing something to focus on. I’m going to start the blog back up, but focused more on me and how I’m doing raising a child and what I do for me as well as what we do for my baby.  I th