Preparing for an Induction

While inductions of pregnancy are done for various reasons the goal is always to go into labor and give birth earlier than your body expects. I have an induction scheduled during my 38th week of pregnancy. Here are some things I am doing, and some things that have been suggested to me to prepare for birth. These can help get your body ready for labor, so even though it does not occur naturally, the more prepared your body is, the easier your labor will hopefully be.  Because of my induction date and the fact that baby has not engaged yet, I am not doing things expecting to go into labor on my own.  I am just wanting to make the birth process as easy as possible.  

Physical Prep

Things I am doing

Expressing Colostrum. This has 3 uses. It can help prepare your body for labor, just the practice of expressing can help with breastfeeding, even if you do not get any colostrum out.  And finally, the colostrum is extremely good for babies, especially if they have low blood sugars. 

Eating dates. Eating 6 dates a day is supposed to help ripen your cervix. This is normally suggested to be started between weeks 34 and 37. I started at 36

Long walks. We have a routine of a before-dinner walk that we have been continuing. We stopped hiking after week 37, but continue our daily walks. This is supposed to help move the baby down the birth canal and let them drop into position. We are walking much slower now though and I can be pretty uncomfortable when we get back.  

Curb walking. Just when you walk, if you can elevate one foot for a bit and then alternate. Such as by having one foot on the curb. Again it can help baby drop and push against the cervix. 

Exercise. I am still doing workout videos just slowly and making sure I am doing lots of squats and lunges to help baby engage in my pelvis.  

Clary Sage. I am diffusing this and rubbing it on my belly once a day. This is supposed to strengthen uterine contractions. I started doing this at week 37. I will also take this into labor with me. I don't plan to have a diffuser in labor, but I can use it topically or on my bracelet to smell. I do have a doTERRA account so I make money if you buy from that link. 

Things I am not doing. 

Epi no. My doctor recommended this one and it is supposed to help with the pushing phase. It's just not for me though. 

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. This is supposed to help with uterine contractions. Studies have apparently shown that it can increase the strength of uterine contractions. I am not doing this, because it can interact badly with antidepressants and is not recommended for diabetes. 

Mental Prep

Daily meditation. I find this relaxing and it should help me cope in labor as well. 

Todo list. So I don't panic at the last minute about things that need to be done. 

Deciding who to tell. We have only told our parents about the induction date and our homegroup through the church to ask for prayers. We have told our parents if they want to tell close family they can, but to ask the family to reach out only to them for news, so I will not be distracted during labor. 

Deciding who to tell when and in what order once the baby is born! Part of this will depend on what time the baby is born, but I know our parents won't mind getting woken up with the news if necessary. 

Other baby and house prep. I counted. I have 7 loads of laundry to do in 10 days. This would be less of an issue if I had a dryer or it wasn't cold and rainy. But I'll get it done. Even if it is taking stuff 24 hours to dry. 

Deep clean the bathrooms



Basically, make sure that we come home to a clean and organized house so we don't have to do as much with a baby. 

Cook extra meals to freeze.  We had friends who have planned to bring us meals once baby is here, but our area just went into a second lockdown for covid so we don't know if they will or can now. We do have some meals prepped for us already in our freezer. 

Spend time together as a couple before the baby arrives. We have been playing some of our favorite board games and have been doing hikes and long walks which we enjoy.  No nice dinners out, because our area is locked down for the pandemic.  I don’t mind because it prevents me from making the decision if it is safe.  

So that is my summary of how I am preparing for my induction.  I am doing what I can to be physically and mentally prepared as much as possible for induction.  My house is almost ready, that is honesty the easiest part.  The physical part is interesting because it is the bit that seems the most variable. Mental prep for me is the most important.  I want to make sure I go into labor with a healthy mental state. It will make labor easier and make caring for baby after she is here easier as well.  I wrote this before my induction.  I am planning to either add to this about what I’m glad I did and what was a waste of time or make another post with that information.  What do you plan to do to prepare for induction, or if you have already had an induction what worked for you? Let me know in the comments below! 


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