Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Getting a positive pregnancy test is such an amazing and thrilling thing!  I was so happy when I found out I was pregnant.  Like many people I had been seeing negative tests for a few months and wasn't very hopeful. So I was thrilled.  My husband and I had been planning a trip for Christmas Vacation and was just waiting a few days to book the trip.  So I told my husband by walking into the living room and announcing that we are not going scuba diving at the great barrier reef.  I don't think I've ever seen someone so happy to have plans canceled.  Outside of my husband, our announcements were divided into 3 different categories.  I'm going to share our announcements and also give you some other suggestions on how to announce your pregnancy.  

The first part of pregnancy announcements is deciding when you want to announce.  Many people wait until after the first trimester because most miscarriages occur during the first 12 weeks.  Unfortunately, because miscarriages are so common during the first trimester who you would want to know about a miscarriage should be a major consideration in announcing the pregnancy early.  If you know you will draw on certain friends and family for support, it is best to tell them early and to wait to tell anyone else.

We are close to our parents and siblings and wanted to tell them straight away.  We waited a few days and took a second test to make sure it wasn't a chemical pregnancy and then called our family on video chat.  We asked if they wanted a tour of the changes we had made in our apartment and when we got to the spare room, we called it the nursery.  Lots of excitement! 

Our second announcement was after my first doctor's appointment.  We had our first doctor's appointment at 9 weeks, on Christmas Eve! We made the decision that if everything looked great at that appointment we would announce then.  We had a quick ultrasound and saw the heartbeat.  We felt like that was our all-clear sign so we announced to extended family and close friends.  Just a side note- because we are so far away from friends and family we sent it in a Christmas Ecard.  You would be surprised at how many people don't open those, even when they tell you they have seen it.  No friend, you haven't seen my Christmas card, because I know you aren't ignoring the pregnancy announcement. You just haven't seen it.  So that is something to consider.  Everyone was thrilled and loved the announcement once they had seen it.  I just didn't realize how many people wouldn't actually watch the Christmas video e-card. Especially because everyone had been asking for pictures.  

Our last announcement was combining our social media announcement and our gender reveal.  We figured after the 20-week ultrasound we would have the best picture of baby's health.  We had learned our lesson about videos so this was done in pictures.  We had seen an exhibit at the mall that was printing custom coke cans so we got cans with our names and with baby on it.  We took a picture with the cans and posted those as well as a picture with pink handprints on my shirt.  We made sure that we sent the gender reveal to close friends and family first.  Your dynamics might we different but we didn't want anyone close to finding out from social media. 

Pregnancy Announcement ideas we considered

Gifts to give

A mug that says, Grandmother or Grandfather

Wrapped picture of an ultrasound

A baby onesie

Pictures to post or send

Pic of mom to be with a shirt saying bun in the oven

Picture of an open oven with buns in the oven and a cute caption.

Picture of Your and Your partner’s shoes with baby shoes in the middle. 

If you share a hobby, have items for the hobby with a tiny baby set in the middle. 

There is always the default of just straight telling people “Guess what! I’m pregnant” There is absolutely nothing wrong with that method. I just like to have fun with my announcements.  I hope you have found some suggestions you like! 


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