Stirfry for Gestational Diabetes

One thing that was important for me with my diagnosis was to make sure that we could still enjoy our normal meals.  Stirfry is one of those dishes that I often do to use up our remaining ingredients.  It is great for that last little bit of roast chicken I’m not sure what to make with or vegetables that need to be eaten. So I was thrilled when I found that I could easily adapt stirfry to fit my diet.  The most important part for me is rice.  I have found using brown basmati rice and knowing what portion I can eat important.  So for example the brand I have has 68.5 carbs per serving.  A serving is ½ cup of dry rice or 1 and ½ cups of cooked rice.  This means that I can have ½ serving at 34.2 carbs.  So I know if I cook 1 cup of dry rice I can have 1/4th of the finished product.  I try to figure out my portions before starting whenever possible.  It allows me to know how many other items I should add.  

So this is a bit of a kitchen sink recipe where I through in different things based on what I have on hand and need to use up.  So feel free to substitute anything based on what you have, and what is cheap at the stores. 


Brown Basmati Rice

Bag of frozen stirfry veggies

Chicken breast

Soy Sauce



Start the rice cooking.  I use ¼ cup dry per serving to keep it Gestational Diabetes friendly.

Next, cut your chicken into bite-size pieces and throw in a large pan to cook.  Make sure to keep an eye on it and flip the chicken when it’s halfway done. 

If you are using fresh veggies, chop those while the chicken is cooking.  

Once the chicken is cooked, add the veggies to the pan.  Turn off the heat and leave on the stove.  Stir occasionally.  

Once the rice is finished, add the rice to the pan.  Add a few dashes of soy sauce for flavoring.  Turn the heat back on. And add 1 egg per serving to the pan and scramble them.  

Serve, making sure to divide the total amount by the number of ¼ cups of rice you used.  So if I used 1 cup of dry rice, I make sure to eat no more than ¼th of the dish.  

As I mentioned at the beginning, my cooking is very imprecise because I like to be able to adjust based on what I have on hand, but that is how I make stirfry Gestational Diabetes friendly. 


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