Meals and Snacks for Gestational Diabetes

A huge part of our lives revolves around food.  If you are anything like me figuring out what to have for dinner each night can be difficult.  And that is without any additional complications.  So to help those with Gestational Diabetes hopefully find some easy go-to meals I'm going to give you my favorite meals and snacks.  

Breakfast Meals:

  • Open-faced sandwich, bread, cheese, bacon, and egg.  

  • Greek yogurt with granola and frozen fruit

  • scrambled eggs or an omelet with a side of toast for carbs


  • Salad with chicken, lettuce, walnuts, carrots, sesame seeds, avocado, either grapes or tomatoes and a salad dressing.  I normally just use whatever combination I have on hand.  

  • Grilled cheese sandwich.  I add some meat and any lettuce or tomatoes that I have on hand.  

  • Open-faced peanut butter and banana sandwich

  • Tuna Salad

  • Snack Plate - serving of crackers, cheese, carrots, 1 banana or apple, and peanut butter

  • Dinner Leftovers

For Dinner I like to cook big batches of meals that I can reheat during the week for lunches and dinner.  

  • Roast chicken with yam and roasted veggies.- I then use the leftover chicken for other meals

  • Stirfry with basmati rice. 

  • Chicken salad- same as under the lunch category.

  • Unstuffed cabbage rolls- This is a kitchen sink recipe.  Very easy to customize for what you have on hand.  

  • Spaghetti- the key is to measure out your pasta.  Pasta has a lot of carbs so I normally do what the box calls a half serving and have lots of meat sauce and veggies with it. 

  • Salmon and chips(french fries) is also a go-to in my house.  measure out the portion of chips and add lots of vegetables. 

  • Cottage Pie - 1/6th

Carb Snacks- Roughly every 2 hours

  • Yogurt with granola and berries, 

  • Portion of ice cream- some people react well to normal icecream.  Some prefer something like Halo Top. 

  • trail mix

  • Protein bar- just check the carbs some have more than others.

  • One medium fruit

  • One low carb cookie

Non-Carb snacks- To have on their own or with your carb snack.

  • Nuts

  • Seeds

  • Carrots

  • Biltong or jerky

  • An egg

  • Tuna with avocado- either alone would also work- that's just not my taste though. 

  • Jelly Cheesecake Pots

I hope you've found some good meal and snack options.  Leave a comment with your favorite snack or meal item. 


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