Welcome! I offer freelance writing services.

I do content writing for blog posts and articles for $.05 a word. 

I copywriting for business websites at $.05 a word and write product descriptions for $5 per product. 

I also write memoirs or biographies to preserve family history.  I work with individuals and families. These stories are usually 5-10k words in length (20-40 pages). I “ghostwrite” these stories, so I work with you to get the tone you want. I’ll have a few conversations with you or your loved one to get the details of the stories you want written. You’ll have access to a google document so you can see the work in progress. The final result will be delivered as a .doc file and an easy-to-read PDF.

You and your family are free to print as many copies as you like as long as they aren’t sold for profit without permission. This whole service is $500 USD or $600 AUD. Additionally, I can arrange for 5 professionally printed copies for an additional $50.

I also offer packages at different price points to fit your budget.  We can discuss a package for you to fit your needs.  

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