Dressing Fashinable as a New Parent

 As a new parent, you don't have a lot of spare time. Everything you are doing you probably have your baby with you or you are listening for their cries. When you are trying to get out of the house it can be even worse since you are trying to remember to pack the nappy bag and everything you and baby might need. But there are ways you can dress to look put together without a lot of time or thought. A lot of this is determined by your closet.  I often have my closet organized into sections so I can grab anything from a section and know it goes with anything in another section.  This doesn’t have to be difficult, just slowly move clothes when you are putting them away from the laundry. Most of my advice is feminine because that is how I dress.  However, you can adjust the advice to fit your style. 

I went through a phase a couple of years ago when I tried to dress more put together. I hadn't realized it had rubbed off on me even when I’m not trying, until a recent conversation with a friend. Here is what I have learned. Some of it does involve shopping, but you can do this with what is already in your closet. 

The first thing is to organize your closet.  I normally have work clothes, casual clothes, church clothes, and exercise clothes separate.  If I was starting from scratch, all my tops would match all my pants.  They don’t, but I now only buy pants in several solid neutral colors to make it easier to match.  I can’t quite commit to doing the same with my skirts though.  The matching clothes and separate categories make it easy for me to grab clothes if I am in a hurry.  I keep to my categories for certain events, such as work.  Otherwise, I mix and match. 

The main key is to have one nicer piece of your outfit, preferably unexpected.  I realized this in college when I got compliments on my outfit while I was wearing a skirt with a hoodie.  I was wearing the skirt because it was that time of the month and jeans felt uncomfortable. Wearing a skirt instead of jeans was unexpected and instantly elevated the outfit by looking like a deliberate style choice.  

A nice sweater or top can be paired with almost anything. Wearing a nice sweater with sweatpants or shorts looks more stylish than with jeans because it looks more like a choice and less like pulling on anything. Even though grabbing the sweater takes as much energy as throwing on an old T-shirt.  

Pairing your t-shirts with jeans or skirts and a cardigan works for the same reason.  

Wearing dark jeans is better than lighter colors.  I will not comment on jean styles since I love my skinny jeans and if TikTok is to be believed those are no longer in. 

Dresses also work.  They almost always instantly make you look more dressed up. You don't have to coordinate anything, just throw it on and be good.  Bonus if you have cardigans that will match with all your dresses.  All my cardigans are solid so I just have to match the color.  I mostly do that by grabbing navy or black. 

If you wear skirts and dresses, have some tights and shorts you can wear under your outfits.  The shorts because you are often on the ground with children, the tights because I get cold easily.  I wear nude and black. Between the two colors, you should match everything.  Tights, especially pantyhose can be a hotly debated item.  Wear it if you like, don’t if you do not.   

That is generally how I try to look put together as a busy mom with a little one. Oh and try to brush your hair.  I have short hair that doesn’t always go into a ponytail neatly. Making sure my hair is tidy probably makes the biggest difference nowadays and it is one I have trouble remembering. 

What is your tip for looking put together?


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