11 Month Bedtime Routine

Bedtime for Mary normally starts around 7:00 with bedtime being around 7:30.

We are normally all hanging out in the living room after dinner at this point.  We try to make a point to clean the living room every evening before Mary goes to bed.  I want her to see us cleaning and that it is not just a magic thing that happens. After we tidy the room, I breastfeed Mary, and then that's it.  She just goes to bed and I sit on the couch on my phone or reading, or I work on my writing.  Haha, not quite. But my husband does normally do the bedtime routine.  We find it is great for me to have a rest and for him to have time with Mary especially now that he is working in the office. 

After the feed, Nick does a nappy change.  We put on a night nappy, which just has several more layers than the day nappies.  After the night nappy, Mary gets her teeth brushed.  Not her favorite part of the process, but it gets done.  Next, she gets put in her sleeping sack. Since it's winter we use two sleeping bags.  One sleeveless and on top of that a sleeved bag.  Next Mary gets her cuddles and a devotional read to her.  After the devotional, Nick turns out all the lights and walks around while singing one song. After the song is over, he puts her in the cot and quietly leaves the room.  She normally fusses for a minute, but normally falls asleep within 5 minutes.  

While that is the routine we usually use, we try to be flexible.  Every Sunday for example we go to church at 5 pm, so we do not leave until 7ish.  So on those nights we normally change Mary into the night nappy at church and she falls asleep in the car on the way home.  Whenever we don’t do the night nappy at church we regret it. 

Mary still isn’t sleeping through the night, but she always resettles after a feed.  

What does the bedtime routine look like in your house?


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