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Preparing for an Induction

While inductions of pregnancy are done for various reasons the goal is always to go into labor and give birth earlier than your body expects. I have an induction scheduled during my 38th week of pregnancy. Here are some things I am doing, and some things that have been suggested to me to prepare for birth. These can help get your body ready for labor, so even though it does not occur naturally, the more prepared your body is, the easier your labor will hopefully be.  Because of my induction date and the fact that baby has not engaged yet, I am not doing things expecting to go into labor on my own.  I am just wanting to make the birth process as easy as possible.   Physical Prep Things I am doing Expressing Colostrum. This has 3 uses. It can help prepare your body for labor, just the practice of expressing can help with breastfeeding, even if you do not get any colostrum out.  And finally, the colostrum is extremely good for babies, especially if they have low blood sugars.  Eating date