Finding a community with Gestational Diabetes

Being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes can feel super lonely at times. Especially at first when you are still figuring everything out and aren't sure how to manage it.  It is really nice to have a sounding board who has been in the same position as you.  Even though gestational diabetes is fairly common, somewhere between 2%-10% of pregnant women get diagnosed with gestational diabetes, You may not know anyone who has talked about having it.  The internet is amazing and full of great places where you can join the community and find people to talk to.  

I'm on Instagram, @jenniferRlifestyle. Come follow me and ask any questions you have! There is a great community if you follow #gestationaldiabetes. You will find lots of women in the same position at various stages of their GD journey.  Instagram is probably my favorite because I love looking at the pictures of the meals everyone is eating and seeing pictures of the sugar babies of women who have ended their GD journey.  It is such a visual community.  

Another great place to find people is on Facebook.  You can search for Gestational Diabetes and find some groups that way.  Most of those groups are private for the members' sake so you will need to apply to join.  Normally it is just a question or two to confirm you are in the target audience for the group.  These are good for those who like more of a chat-based group and who want to be able to ask questions that will be seen by a large number of people.  Because Facebook groups are so dependent on your location, I'm not going to suggest any specific groups.  

If you are on any pregnancy forums or mom groups, it is also a great idea to ask there.  You will probably be surprised to find who is in the same position as you.  It is a much larger community than anyone realizes. 


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